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Originally Posted by DrO View Post
As an update, i've just changed streamtitle to be a <multi> option for the next drop (no eta) so it'll act like before but if you do streamtitle_x (where x is the endpoint configuration) then it'll use that instead. note: streamtitle or streamtitle_1 will be used as the default title if there's not a streamtitle_x specified for the endpoint configuration.

hopefully that makes sense as i've tried to do it so that existing configs will work without having to add another new / specific configuration entry to do things.

Excellent, thanks for the update DrO/daz

By what it sounds it will be backward compatible using "streamtitle" however you can then over-ride this per encode using the multi streamtitle_0 streamtitle_1 etc matching with the encoder multi.

This should mean I can in the future specify different titles per stream/encode/transcode which will allow me to specify the bitrate.

What would be nice in the future daz might be to have variable substitutes such as {bitrate} or [bitrate] etc automatically input from the transcode settings? This would work well for when a DJ logs in etc.

Thanks for adding this though.

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