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Video tearing is annoying...

Hi, i've always been a fan of winamp and used it exclusively for 15 years now, but since i got my new lcd screen, the tearing while playing video is very bad, it's much more noticable now than with my old crt. Playing the same video in wmp work fine, no tearing. It's especially noticable on fast moving scene, and very anoying.

Cmon guys, im a game programmer and i know how easy it is to enable vsync... Turning the option on and off in the settings dosen't do a thing. Could you please fix this issue so me and countless other can enjoy better video experience? I would take about 5 mins finding/adding the correct source code line to fix that for crying out loud...

It's so anoying that im about to decompile your dlls and fix the issue myself...
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