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That's why I continued to use Winamp 5.56 for years and years, because this was the last version to support DirectShow video overlay.

Giving a great performance, smooth scaling, and no tearing at all.

For some absolutely stupid and lame reason, the Winamp Dev team decided to drop this and replacing it by a bloated, DirectX-downloads-requiring, VC++ Runtime requiring, ugly, slow, and completely unneccessary new Fullscreen interface.

Because DirectShow is no more able to be used by this interface (who needs a transparent scrollbar in full screen?? I so much loved the old one...), video is now stuttering, tearing, looking bad, and eating CPU on every non highperformance computer.

(Little "hint, hint" to the Winamp Devs.... I want the old overlay mode with the simple OSD back... )

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