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ditto what djknuddel said.
This plugin is pretty much flawless except for this. Would be awesome if you could implement a better resizing/antialiasing algorithm, i think lanczos3 is the current best available.

Here' an example:

Left is the plugin, right is faststone max view (most dope image viewer imo) I have antialiasing enabled in fastone (which i believe is lanczos3)
In the plugin you can clearly see some bad aliasing on her shoe and the stool.

Original image is very high quality, 1500x1500 folder.jpg - none of that low qual embedded nonsense.

edit: one other nice addition would be to change the double click functionality (perhaps as an option) to directly open the folder/cover.jpg instead of the folder itself (if present, falling back to folder if you only have embedded images). So we can quickly get full screen art.
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