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In Niagra falls, the fish can either avoid the falls altogether (good), go through the generator (as you say bad), or fall down one of the most spectacular waterfalls in existence (just as bad, but a little more exciting). I don't really think the generator is changing anything in terms of fish deaths, it just takes some of the thrill out of it.

Deeder, you crack me up.

Come to South Dakota or Iowa. The wind does really almost always blow, and yes, wind energy does save coal and oil. That's why we haven't had an energy rate increase since 1995 despite fossil fuel price spikes in recent years. When half our local energy is from wind, or 20% statewide from wind, that's a hell of a lot of fossil fuels saved.

As far as points, if you didn't get them, you are either illiterate or you chose not to read. My points are relevant, on-topic, supporting facts, with very little subjective opinion that can be countered without dismissing it all with an nondescript word like "babbling". I'm very sure other readers understand, but you don't seem to get it. I cited Mid American Energy, and if you want a link, here it is. There are several pages on that site that will show you what they do for us. If you really want, I'll even take pictures of my electric bill to show proof of my other claims.

Your "sources" are more than a decade old (take the time to read what you linked to and you'll see), in some cases 15 years old, or they're covering a nation half a world away where the climate is different. My sources are in the here and now.

Also, no one made the claim that wind energy is meant to replace anything completely. It is meant to supplement other existing forms of generation, which greatly reduces cost and other negative impacts of the said forms of generation. If I offered a renewable, clean, discounted way to pay 2%, 20%, or 50% of all your living expenses, would you turn me down because I didn't offer 100%?

(still laughing about Deeder's comment - no offense taken)

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