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That plant had poor planning and faulty design. Pennsylvania has a lot of reactors (9 in 5 locations) and they all seem to be doing fine. They were the first state to have a reactor in 1955, That reactor is older than all that are still running and also older than all those that are gone, and yet it's still going strong. Really, so long as the waste can be stored correctly, nuclear power isn't so bad. Fusion would obviously be earth-shatteringly better, but for now, I don't see that much trouble with fission, so long as people are careful.

I think wind power has a lot less risk involved though, plus it is convenient and efficient when used in places that are always windy (like here). You also don't need a power plant the size and cost of a city just to get things up and running - with wind energy, it's easier to customize the wind farm to fit the energy needs of the specific area. You can help power a major city with hundreds of turbines, or just a ****** and a couple homes/small businesses with just one. With Nuclear reactors, you're (for now at least) stuck with only powering more heavily populated regions.


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