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id3com is a component based on id3lib, which is an ID3 tag library, used in programming. Basically its just a .DLL.

Components such as this allow them to be used in a way as used in the code above. Just create an instance of the object, ie, CreateObject("ID3Com.ID3ComTag"), then use it however you like.

In this case, I have used it from a script written for my plugin, "ActiveWinamp", in order to read and write ID3 tags. This allows more flexibility in how you want to do the exporting/importing, without me having to write a whole other plugin with a million options and support for different tags etc.

id3com is kinda hard to locate (a recent, correct version at least), because its been discontinued somewhat. I ended up just grabbing the source and compiling my own copy. Once you have it, you have to register it with regsrv32.

Someone could package this with ActiveWinamp, id3com, scripts and installation stuff, but that hasnt been done. So you will have to do it manually until it is
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