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Import/ export ratings via playlist

There are several topics here discussing how to make ratings more accessible/ save them in the files as tags - solutions offered so far have been either complicated (i.e. not foolproof) and/ or not exactly fail safe.

There are several tags available in many tagging programs which hardly anybody ever uses (url, composer, copyright, subtitle, etc.) and which one could transfer ratings to. IF only Winamp did support those, which it doesn't. OTOH taggers cannot manage Winamp ratings, as they don't "see" them, being stuck away in the proprietary music library. IMHO the only way to get around this Catch 22 situation is to save all, say, 3* rated songs in Winamp to a playlist, then have a tagger import the playlist, i.e. the files contained. You could then simply write an appropriate value, e.g. "3 star", to a tag field of your choice.

Now what was missing here was a tagger able to import Winamp playlist, not only write them (they all can do
that!). And find it I did: MP3Tag indeed does import playlist, i.e. you can tag across a wild array of directories all the files you put into a playlist - say, all Winamp 3* rated titles. Also the program allows tagging for almost any field in the specs, among others the "encoded by" field, which incidentally is also read by Winamp and can be employed to build ML views.

So, all Winamp 3* rated titles go into 3star.m3u, this is then opened in Mp3Tag. All files are tagged "3 star" in the "encoded by" field. Now, if ever your Winamp ML gets lost or blown to pieces, you can restore the ratings from that field. Or better still, do henceforth not use the proprietary rating, but enter your ***s in that "encoded by" field in Winamp via the ALT+3 box.

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