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I found a way that is very secure but a bit slow. I still prefer that to messing up my files, corrupting them or risking messing my ML. So here it is:

(Taking into account that all your files are already rated using the Winamp rating system)
- Go in the Audio view of Local Media, and sort all your songs by Rating (or which ever view, as long as the files are sorted by rating).
- Select all (or a lot, depending on how long your are willing to torture your finger in one sitting) the files that have the same rating, let's say ***** (5 Stars).
- Right click, View File Info.
- In the Comment field, write down '5 Stars', select it, Ctrl+C (copy), then click enter.
- The next window for the next file will appear, you simply have to click on the comment field again, press Ctrl+V, then enter, then start over and over until all your files are done. Do the same for the other ratings.

I did it only for the ID3 tag v.1, and later on used ID3 Tag-it (freeware) to transfer them to the v2.4 tag.

Later on, you can move you files around, have your library deleted, it doesn't matter, you can tell winamp to sort all the files that have '5 stars' as the comment, and then rate them all in one click, or simply use the smart view to rate them using the comment only.

Of course this method takes a while since you have three clicks/keys to press for each file, so it takes about one second per file, but it's better than nothing. And it's easy.

And you can always use another field in the tag, but the since the comments are generally absolutely useless, I thought I'd use that.

EDIT: Note that if, when you right click, you select 'Edit Selected Item' (basically, mass editing) it WILL change the comment field to whatever you want, but it will also screw up the tags (v1 and v2) in the process. I tried, it basically detroyed the v.2 tag, and removed the genre from the v.1 tag. I don't know why it does that, but it does. So yeah, you have to edit them one by one.
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