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vis suggestions

so, since this is most likely the future forum home of wasabi.player discussions (and if you post any suggestions or questions about future winamp3/wasabi/wasabi.player versions on the winamp3 discussion/wishlist forums you'll just get a reply to "upgrade" to winamp 5), I thought I'd post here.

I have some suggestions/wishes for the xml vis object that I would love to have implemented.

first some old wishes, very old wishes:
* thin vis bars + fire/lines mode + option to turn off peaks (ie: vis settings)
now, theese should be available from both the prefs and as xml parameters.

now a completely new wish:
* a 'lock=1' xml parameter for it so skinners can have total control over the vis if they want to (since some skins might look awful with thin bars for example)

so, to sum it up, a skinner should be able to something like this:

x=10 y=10
w=100 h=15
bandwidth=1(thin)(default=2, thick)
lock=1(=cannot be changed by the user, at all)

x=10 y=50
w=100 h=15
oscstyle=1(dots)(default=2, lines)
lock=1(=cannot be changed by the user, at all)

so, what do you think?
if the source for the vis object gets released soon/at all, is there anyone willing to give this a try? (I currently lack the c++ knowledge to do this kinda thing)

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