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Originally posted by WHEREamI
what's musicbrainz? i'm thinking gracenote should be replaced with freedb... unless musicbrainz is some sort of interface for freedb
Once you've seen MusicBrainz, FreeDB looks like shit.

about the kernel... it doesn't do that much, does it? it has to recieve and send _dispatch()es, handle all the service registrations, etc... Otherwise, it seems the real magic is all in the components. Or is the skinning/scripting engine in the kernel too?
The kernel is contained in wasabi.dll, which is 1Mb large, so it obviously does quite a bit. Yes, it does include skinning and scripting. It only exports one function, which is wasabi_getKernel, as defined wasabi.h. From there, the real fun starts.

I just realised we don't have the other end of the dispatchable system too.

will we need to write a new maki compiler? or just use the current one?
In the longer term, a new one might be worth it. It shouldn't be too hard.

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