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return wasabi;
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I knew it would come to this, so let me try to explain..

The reason I didn't made it public is that I'm not too sure how people in the channels on that network will feel if the channels get flooded with loads of newbies, actually I'm pretty sure it won't be apreciated.

Therefore, I'm not going to invite just anyone, unless a moderator tells me it's ok, and even then I might not. (this is not to be mean)

So far, I've invited two longtime forumers who both have always been very supportive of Winamp3 and Wasabi. And I know theese people pretty well too (as well as you can expect from just talking on forums/irc).

So, unless I get told otherwise, I'm not gonna give out the IRC channel location to everyone who say they want to contribute.

I will however do it, once contributions have been made and I know you're serious about it..

Goto in the meantime to get started.

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