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So, this is my first post after frequent visits to this forum over the past years and months...

I always liked winamp3 and didn't entirely agree with the decision to discontinue its development...I also like the potential inherent in the wasabi design and so I am glad to see folks interested in keeping it alive...

My question is thisthis comes from someone with little programming experience, and no familiarity with the winamp/wasabi development community so my apologies in advance)

Considering that the skinning/scripting engine is not presently open source, would it be possible or even worthwhile to build a new, open source version that renders the GUI interface using 3D acceleration, possibly even through the new windows longhorn system?

Does anyone else in the development community think it would be cool to EXTEND the MAKI scripting design in such a way that it also could describe 3D objects and components? Im all about taking some load off the CPU and harnessing the power of my graphics card, and pixel/vertex shading could really take skins to another level!!

Just curious if anyone else has ever thought along these lines...
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