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Sorry to crash in here (with me beeing a WA2.x fanatic and with much bitching done in the WA3 release days) but I never quite disliked Winamp3, in fact I always thought (like I see you did/do too) that Wasabi is a great platform that was never finished.

I would love to help out but I'm no coder and my only real skill is webmastering (not very expirenced tho) so I'll just stay in the shadow, learning and observing until the time comes for me to come back either idolizing WP or coding for it (yeh, I must be dreaming :P ).

So for the time beeing I would like to wish you the best of luck and tell you I'm looking foward for this and also I would like to ask you where could I get the last build of WA3/WP? Is it the one on the NSDN?

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