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Originally posted by veekee
Hi !
I wanted to thanks SmartyMan for developping NsisPlus !
No problem, I like to do some private stuff beside the projects I am payed for.

The fact is tat i'm a french translator, and wanna know if you planed to add to nsisplus any translation facilities or if we could mail to discuss about a french translation
Well, I havent thought of this yet, since there where no reaction on NSISplus at all in this forum so far.
Most of the displayed text (online help, documentation) comes in ASCII form, so you should have no problems translating this; if you are willing to do this, I'll be happy to include you work in future updates of NSISplus.

One bug found lol ! When using /nocustom, this is considered as a normal type !
Can you explain more precisely what you want to say? "/nocustom" is a switch for the InstallType command and therefore handled by makeNSIS, so where is the problem with NSISplus?

Good work !
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