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Originally posted by veekee
What about the ASCII texts tou're talking about .. in the final exe, i have to use hex editors to translate them !
As I said, most of the text to translate is the online help (data/help.txt) and the docu (nsisplus.html)

Would it be possible to include them in resource section for the next release (easier for me hey )?
In the next version you will get all the text used by menus, dialogues, MessageBoxes etc. in a separate ASCII file, which will enable you to translate all the text once (instead of re translate all the resouces for every update).
Most of the code needed for this new feature is already implemented

I mean tat it is possible to tell NSISplus that this section belongs to InstType /NoCustom
I played with that yesterda and after a few tries I saw what you mean, so this "bug" is fixed now.
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