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Question NSIS & Windows Aero

Hi @all

I use NSIS for a long time to make my installers. And i use it to write little applications too. It produces small and fast files. And the most important hing for me is that you have no depencies to .NET or VC Runtimes... With nsDialogs and ResHacker you could satisfy almost all design whishes. Almost...

Today (i had a little time) i played around with the system plugin and the DWM API (DwmExtendFrameIntoClientArea) and i had a little success. But some questions too.

With DwmExtendFrameIntoClientArea you can extend the Aero glass window border behind the client area. You can control it via marginvalues. For example {0,0,0,25} to extend the bottom margin. And if you use negative values (-1) you get the "sheet of glass" effect where you have a complete glass window. Here you´ll find more information.

Here my example code. Put it in the .onGuiInit function:

PHP Code:
SetCtlColors $HWNDPARENT 0xFFFFFF 0x000000          ;set windowbackground to black
::Call "*(i 0, i 0, i 0, i 35) i .r0"               ; for "sheet of glass" (-1-1-1-1)
System::Call 'dwmapi::DwmExtendFrameIntoClientArea(i $HWNDPARENT, i r0)' 
And a screenshot:

Now the problems. The text of all controls with glass behind seems to be transparent. First i thought this was because of black as text color. But you can use every color and they seems to be mixed up with the glass. Any idea to fix that?


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