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Originally posted by rockouthippie
What I don't understand is how any of the pop-ups or spyware or crap makes any difference to Nullsoft?.

If people are stupid enough to browse anywhere without taking proper security precautions, a firewall, cookie and virus scanning, spyware nukers, pop-up blockers and to stay away from sites that are likely to contain stuff like that, they deserved to get creamed.

Is Nullsoft going to ban sex, because some people got something, and someone else doesn't use a condom?.

Why does Nullsoft feel it has to be a cop?. No search engine does that. No one else I know of does either.

If your computer isn't protected these days, you're gonna bite it anyway. The people who do this spamming suck, but they don't suck anymore than the people at large on the web.

Even major companies toss out adware and spyware. Try to get rid of a good case of Lycos Sidesearch or PurityScan.

This decision tosses the baby out with the bath water.

When you click on a link that says free porn, Nullsoft is going to save you. Who's gonna save you when you use equal stupidity and play in the freeway?.

The fact is that the listing needs to remain in control of nullsoft so that it can be as accurate and show off the technology as well as possible. It's a major turn off for anyone including people who do take preventative action to be bombarded with stupid hijack attempts. I for one see this as a responsible decision for the time being.

Megarock, if you have those ip's I listed above in your reserve list there will be no problem. Also if you are already listed the yp will not continually check your server, it only needs a slot when you add yourself to the yp.
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