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Originally posted by KXRM
Also in addition, you must have the bandwidth neccessary to broadcast at or near your advertised bitrate, if that fails or if your server is full when you attempt to add yourself to the directory, you will be denied. To ensure listing add, 42, 73, and 74 to your reserve lists.
That hurts. Just because I max out a small 40 slot clustered server, means they dont want me?

Ive seen 5 slot servers, but they still deserve to be listed since they are doing the community a favour.

This is a HUGE waste... were getting double penitration here! We already have a 10 min delay on the YP so if we max out when the YP touches and a person drops out a min after that, we are not listed for another 9 mins!?!

Thanks..... so much

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