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We have updated our tool RAD & Installer to version Changes:
  • New feature Code Insight Parameter Hints for NSIS commands and Inno Setup functions and procedures (also build in ones!)
  • Increased font size in Navigation Bars for better readibility
  • Improved parsing hints for multiple variables on the same line
  • Custom drawn Code Insight Code Completion List with images, different font styles, descriptions and enhanced information (also for built-in Inno Setup Pascal items and NSIS commands) for NSIS and Inno Setup
  • Added parameters into Code Insight Code Completion list for functions and procedures from Inno Setup Support Functions
  • Fixed parsing symbols, identifiers, removed possible Out of Range Exceptions
  • Dynamic comments tooltips for Inno Setup's Procedures, Functions and Variables and NSIS' Functions, Macros and Variables
  • Bettered parsing current cursor element (word - or entered characters at cursor position)
  • United NSIS commands structure and parameter hints (with latest NSIS version and with Visual & Installer).

Visit official website and get FREE Trial version or purchase full license.

We received several requests and questions and we decided to support NSIS and this community.

All members registered on this forum can enter RAD-INSTALLER-NSIS promo code and get additional -20% discount

Cool looking skinned Graphical Installers:
I offer NSIS scripting, C/C++/C#/Delphi programming:
Develop NSIS projects in Visual Studio 2005-2017:
or RAD Studio 2009, 2010, XE-10.2 Tokyo:
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