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Originally Posted by Victhor View Post
*Spotify was known for not having any Beatles album, because they couldn't make a deal with the copyrights owner/s. That was finally solved on december last year. But it isn't strange to find a lot of missing bands / albums, specially if you like alternative or indie music, which usually doesn't have a big record label to make a deal with..
Honestly, I love Spotify because it _has_ so much unknown/indie music compared to what the big record labels want us to listen to.
I'm so sick and tired of the same four songs being played ad nauseum on the radio, in clubs/pubs, in stores, in elevators, in phone queues, etc.
So I don't really care that a few of the super spoiled over hyped artists refuse to stream their music. There is plenty more excellent music that I wouldn't have heard of if it wasn't for Spotify and Youtube.
Spotify has gotten so much crap for not "paying enough" to the artists. But the fact is even though there is lots and lots of money in circulation over there, Spotify is barely making a profit, because the music labels get most of it due to insane licensing deals.
Yet, you don't hear most of those same spoiled artists complain about that.

The biggest problems I see are exclusive deals that forces people to have multiple subscriptions on incompatible services, so that the user cannot have one playlist with all the music he/she wants to listen to at any given moment, but instead has to switch service for some of it.
I will never do that. Plain and simple.
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