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The suggestions in Post#9 sound very good. I hope, playing music from YouTube or SoundCloud etc. through Winamp will work also without the Adobe Flash Player on the computer...
And the same question is also about the Browser Pro and the Web Reader in the SUI Skins (Modern Skins, cPro, cPro2, cProXUI and Komodo), if the Adobe Flash Player is not installed (anymore).

I have thought again about the other postings and the downloaded screenshots. Of course also free accounts are necessary, although they have limitations, not only premium accounts, which require the very dangerous online-banking (debts because of hackers are possible). I can live with the limits, like I do that already on many websites, only 2 hours totally for all my uploaded SoundCloud-Tracks on my account Sternenmaschinebine, no extra photo-albums on deviantART (also Sternenmaschinebine) etc.

At first we should focus on a new Winamp for Windows, then on SHOUTcast, then on Winamp for the other OS (Mac, Android, Linux), then on the Winamp Streaming Music Service itself. Of course it sounds very interesting...

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