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Problem solved... to a degree.

For some time I've been using the base level playlist maker from stationplaylist dot com and it's really a good product, but it's the cause of these odd little characters.

I was going to get a link to the latest MP3 download the recently crashed SCv2 while stopping up the latest WA release so you guys could take a look. When I loaded the new version of the old track in to WA, there were no characters. So I removed the original file and made sure both WA and the Creator program recognized it's absence. I then loaded it as a new file to WA, no change. Put in through the Creator program and sure enough, it came back marked, but only on the ID3v1 tag, as usual.

StationPlaylist Creator tags files with info such as category, last played, etc. when they get recognized and it's regularly updated. For 5 years it worked with WA 5.666 patched with the latest SCv2 like a dream, but for about several months or so, things changed... and same behavior on the latest WA 5.8.

I've not updated the SPC program and have made no changes to how it tags MP3s as there seems to be no way to do so. From now on I will take the needed steps to clear this up. Thanks for your time and efforts, folks.

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