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There has to be more to it. There are a few diesel cars available in the USA, but none of them have spectacular fuel economy. I'm sure if we did have 60 mpg models available domestically, reminiscences of 1960's diesel trucks wouldn't stop American consumers.

The thing that would stop American consumers from hybrid technology is that the cars aren't up to "snuff". The Lincoln I mentioned here..... You probably wouldn't notice from your driving experience that it is a hybrid. That is except being more silent than standard models. The 50 hp drop in performance probably wouldn't be too noticeable, except for lead foots.

Since Lincoln isn't charging anything extra for their hybrid, I think this is another selling point. That and that the price tag comes in within the reach of someone who has a good job. Even without the hybrid technology, the MKZ is a really good value for someone wanting a mid-sized luxury sedan. You could spend a lot more and not get as nice a ride.

The hybrid model (which is a free option) touting double gas mileage has to be a selling point. It's only coming in a couple hundred pounds heavier than the gas model. That's a good thing too.
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