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Z isn't a specific limit like the other letters. Z is for 149+ and therefore doesn't really mean much, because you don't know how much past that you can really go; it varies by brand.

@ TDM - it likely would have been an i4 (inline rather than V) probably the 22R or 22R-E (latter of the two was fuel injected, former was carbureted). Both of those engines were crazy in terms of being able to take a continual severe beating and never die. Many people had theirs past the redline almost every day (and they didn't even have rev limiters) and the damn things still wouldn't die. About the only thing I see being replaced on those were oil pans due to people jumping and driving carelessly over boulders. They had superior gas mileage and performance compared to all other 4-cylinder pickups in their day.

On the topic of Smart Cars - there's a fellow teacher in our building that drives a "passion for two" occasionally; she claims that every tank is 40 mpg or more, mostly rural driving - long straight Iowa roads. I don't recommend them though - not enough car around you to absorb the shock of impact during a collision. Their unibodies are very strong, and they have all necessary airbags, seat-belt pretensioners and force limiters, but not enough ability to absorb shock for me to feel safe. In other words, the car survives very well; you don't. Look at the highest rated comment that I copied/pasted after the video.

even though my head is separated from´╗┐ my neck, my brains have sprayed out of my eye sockets, and my internal organs have all combined into one clump of organic slop, i can at least be recovered through the passenger door that still opens and closes.

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