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Originally Posted by DrO View Post
rock101: i was not getting mad, just trying to keep it simple to avoid confusion.

the most obvious way is to login to the 'admin' part of the DNAS and check the log link provided. alternatively you'd need to determine from the DNAS's config file location (usually sc_serv.conf but not guaranteed) and then look through that.

but as it's not clear if you're self-hosting or using a host provider (which is what i suspect) and if you're using a control panel to manage things, it might be you're being asked for things you don't have access to and so would need to get the hosting provider involved.
See... I have plenty access to the server, it is a Dedicated one, so I have SSH and sftp access. We also manage to have a Centova Cast control panel. I guess the DNAS admin part is in here: ...where it says "Admin Login". What I don't know is how to recover that login credentials.
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