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Can't sync iPod

After successfully putting my music library onto my new computer, I tried to sync my iPod. Things appeared to be working well, but after it finished syncing the last song, Winamp crashed and no changes were made to my iPod. I tried again with the same result. I then reformatted the iPod (using Windows; I don't see a way to do this in Winamp) to wipe it and try again. Now, Winamp recognizes the device only as a generic USB device and not as an iPod. When I try to sync, Winamp hangs. I tried dragging just a few songs onto the device, and they appeared to sync, but when I ejected the iPod, it appeared to reset again; no songs were on the iPod.

I'm using the latest Winamp with Windows 7. My iPod is a 160GB Classic with software version 2.0.4.

This is incredibly frustrating; any pointers would be most welcome. Thanks.
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