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JFASI, there are two types of n00b AVS. The "minimalist crap", and the "bloated crap". The minimalist crap is produced by the sort of n00bs who are really n00bs. Like, seen avs 2 days ago. For the 95% of them, that's the first moving thing they've "created" on their pc's, and because it's, like, a "cool animation", they love it. It's obviously crap, really simplistic crap, but they've made it and they're proud of it. The "bloated crap" is made by the more ambitious among the n00b n00bs, and by people who have been doing AVS for a little longer. 50% n00b n00bs evolve into that category after a few months, 45% stop doing avs, and 5% do something that resembles "good presets". The bloated crap, which is the preset I've put above consists of a bunch of generic movements, or simply crappy movements (making a x=0, y=cos(2) movement, without the rectangular coordinates makes them proud), irregularly dispersed through the preset, often repeating themselves, some slightly "tweaked" effects, like, say, Blitter Feedback, or Interferences. Unmodified DDMs are also present. The lower the FPS, the better the preset looks to them (if it's slow, it MUST be good!1!!). XOR is also often used, as soon as they discover Effect Lists. Text is used in the most brutal way, and so is Bump. Most of the l33t hax0r n00bs are devout bloatedcrapians. The "mix" in my attachment goes beyond the two styles. Simple enough to be the first style, with the elements of the second style.

I hope I've been clear .
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