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Re: My complete collection

Originally posted by Nitorami
Hi all

Finally back - zipped all my handcrafted presets together, including the old ones, those scattered over various other threads, and quite a number of new ones.

Some are available in ps2 and ps3. The ps3 versions generally look a little bit better, so if they run smoothly on your machine, you may delete the ps2 versions.

Wow !

This is totally amazing stuff, we thought we had some potential skillz with Milk drops, but you have set us straight. We were planning to make some submission for the competition but we can’t see the point any more. Your presets are Diabolically Awesome.

You’re a legend as are all the other coders who supply us with too mash.

Any mash based off your material, will defiantly have your reference in the name, We Will be looking out for your stuff from now on.

PS how did you get birds to fly?
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