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BRAVO, Nitorami!

You said this was a bit tough? Is there any easy way you can explain what was tougher about this one?

I only hope that, with all things considered and in all your time and effort you invest making presets for Milkdrop.......that your reward and creative satisfaction is worth it.....and outweighs anything else!

I mean, I just hope you always follow your true heart.....and keep that path clear inside. Not to get to preachy or spiritual.
But your work is truly unique among other preset "ARTISTS"---(an "author" is someone who writes stories in a book)--- and when you mention how this last preset was a bit "tough" to create........I can only wonder what you must mean by that???

Please tell me, (if you would) you go into creating a preset having a specific "vision" in mind first? Or an idea of what you want to do, and then set out to to make that basic idea or vision a reality as best as you can on the screen? Or is it more of a play it as you kind of thing?
I just wonder how your creative process works.....especially regarding presets for MD? Is that an OK question to ask you?
Have you analyzed your own creative process in depth?

Its just fascinating to me, as I wonder about it.


PS. Sorry I have not been around much. Lots of stuff on my life's plate right now. But the funny thing is.....I am staying positive in it all! I hope you all are positive too.

Nitorami... I still plan to respond back to your PM, especially because I have some interesting things to share with you that I believe you will really appreciate! So just be patient, please. Its something I want to share with you......and so don't worry. I will write you back, sometime in the near future.

Walking right along that--thin--fine--line- in between -GENIUS & a tightrope!
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