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I have good news: I didn't need to cut the preset-names of the mashups, I just needed to cut the folder-name, and I had copied and pasted all "Hakan Mashups" into SFhakan and all original versions into SForig. The longest preset-name of the "mashup presets" by hakanh is shorter than 1 of 19 renamed "mashup-presets" by Tony.

I had planned to attach 2 .zip-folders, but now I will wait a little bit, because I think, I still have to update them from time to time.

I myself do the right-click on a folder > Send to > ZIP-Folder, and that's the reason, why I myself get also a subfolder inside of the .zip-folder. Also I do very often the right-click on a .zip-folder > Extract all. And sometimes I have to create a folder in another location and copy the content of a .zip-folder to the new folder manually. I have also 7-Zip installed, and I have to open it via the Start Menue (nobody had teached me to do this way). On this way I had extracted the content of .rar-files and .7z-files, but for .zip-folders I didn't use it yet.

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