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I wished that syntax changes over time were better documented/listed.

I recently revisited MilkDrop after a long hiatus (still trying to get assistence to get my original forum account revived but that's a different story) and before I realized this forum still was live to get some nice presets apart from the included ones, started out by getting the collections from SourceForge and In doing so I discovered these contain a lot of crap/duplicates/malformed/corrupted presets so decided to skim the threads here to get the originals.

To my surprise I found that some presets did absolutely nothing or looked like attempts of a two year old at drawing despite the comments from fellow posters raising the expectation said presets were above average.

Purely by accident I discovered some syntax difference between subsequent releases of the same preset and lo and behold, after applying those same changes to those presets I found to be "broken", these suddenly lived up to the praise given by fellow posters in the respective topics...

e.g. the change from
was an eyeopener. Also it seems that
should now be written as
. Both latter forms I've seen occur in a lot of presets but until now I never knew why... which means I have again a shitload of work ahead of me going through all presets and adjust where needed to see what difference this makes...

Had I known this from reading these forums, it might have saved me from discarding a bucket load of presets as non-functional or as amateurish attempts.
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