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Re: Havin trouble still

Originally posted by marcjv1
Well, originally i was told that i needed to use the crossfader to do this, but i just want the simple old way like in dsp <1.8.2 , but i use > 1.8.2 and i had tried what was above but what it did was show -46db nomatter what i i mean i cant figure this out and now i cant get it to stop crossfading at the end of each song, but thats okay, i just really want to talk to my if there is anyay i can do this, or if someone has an older DSP version they could send me, greatly appriciated

~Someday DJ Marc
Go through the mixer part again... it sounds like the proper thing is not selected. Also if you want an old version of the DSP use the search and look for 1.8.0, I've posted the link several times and at the moment I'm too lazy to go find it.

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