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Originally Posted by DJTOMCAT View Post
Well JWPlayer flip.swf does only work with Version 4.x , since 5.x (at the moment 5.3) it has no source code available anymore.

I dont have any clue how to program in AS-language Red5 seems to be the only "free" Version on the net, isn't it ?
Originally Posted by oLRi View Post

This is a known "bug" with smelters plugin if you're using vp6 as input stream.

You have to flip the picture. This can be done via plugins in your flash-player. You can search this thread, you will find a suitible plugin for jw player.
I'm still trying to use flip.swf in plugins with jwplayer but same in version 4.x this plugin dont work with me.
I searched on google something about it but not against any code or player to test. I'm new to AS3, if I try to write using Flex Builder I would succeed with class VideoDisplay or NetStream?
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