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Originally Posted by MrSinatra View Post
I went thought that thread

My problem is not with file association with Winamp bot with file icons of associated files with Winamp. I had no issues whatsoever with Windows Media Player taking control over audio files

What I have is default Winamp icon for some files that in registry have been explicitly told to use an icon from a stand alone file. Why does e.g. FLAC follow this registry entry why TTA does not?

I recently located two new registry entries
@="C:\\ICONS\\file WV.ico,0"

@="C:\\\\ICONS\\file WV.ico,0"

But removing them apparently changed nothing. Even the WV stayed the same, i.e. displaying the icon I choose for it and not reverting to using the default Winamp icon [which is used by for example MIDI and OGG]. And also this question arises: how did Winamp display that default icon if it was set to be my "file WV.ico" and how it is displaying now anything if those two entries are absent?
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