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A new manifestation of this bug I have found

If using Mozilla Thunderbird 60.8.0 (32-bit) I will create a new message and attach a file in format
- M4A
- MP3
- WV
and without sending or saving a draft try to open them, for each of them I will get a pop up question, asking me which software to choose for playing. This is nothing new, as such association was required by Thunderbird in earlier versions also for other files [JPG, CDR etc.]. And what is important here, the icons in the Attachments box look the same as everywhere else. And so for:
- FLAC, MP3, WAV and WV I see what I want to see
- for TTA incorrectly I see the default Winamp audio file icon
- for M4A I correctly see the default Winamp audio file icon [as I did not tamper with it]

But if now I save that message, close Thunderbird and reopen it and go to draft of it, I will see that TTA has now icon of the MP3 while WV has no icon. And what is more I can play all of them [including TTA] but I am unable to play WV in Winamp anymore- because when clicked, the pop up windows says that I am trying to open nsmail.tmp file. And it is true in: when that file is dragged from Attachments window of the message to Winamp I get no sound and the info about file is like this:

And what is most important here, in Thunderbird's Attachments box I can see that the WV file still has the .WV extension - but instead of mine it has there a plain white icon [the system default for unknown files]

That strange

is the reworked by Thunderbird name of the user in the actual path, which is reality has YOUR-USER-NAME [literally: that is the user under which I operate when trying to solve problems, so that I will not have to change my real user name to a text like "INSERT HERE YOUR USER NAME" when pasting a path on Internet - in order to protect my privacy]

Off course this is most likely solely the fault of Thunderbird- but this might be a vital clue. The WV format somehow gets downgraded to that old 8-sign-per-filename-DOS-rule. While TTA suddenly masks itself with the icon prepared for MP3 [while everywhere else it masks itself for a default Winamp file]
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