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By using the freeware File TypesMan by NirSoft I was finally able* to set the icons that I want for the problematic WV and TTA- by simply choosing them it the Default Icon parameter for each of them with a proper path

But now if want to add to the equation also APE*, i.e. assign to it an individual icon, the TTA also gets that new. And when I try to revert it, I can setup an icon for TTA, which then also gets assigned to APE. Just the way it was on Windows 7. But at least File TypesMan somewhat admits to this problem existing because both TTA and APE have in that software such an info attached to them that reads:

"Notice - Changing the properties of this file type may affect the following extensions: .ape, .digi, .it, .mac, .mjf, .mmcmp, .mp+, .mpc, .mpp, .mptm, .pt36, .sap, .sfx2, .st26, .tta"

And as I checked [some of them], these formats really are affected in the same matter

So the question would be: why are these particular files connected with each other? Most of them if not everyone [MP+, MMCP, MAC, IT...] are on the list of files in Winamp; but so are MP3, FLAC and WAV- and yet those do not have the same problem and are also not pointed out to be intertwined in that "Notice" by the File TypesMan

And what is more important: how to break away a selected fileformat from that chain? Because...

* ...After restoring the system from an image [I always do it this way: check out changes and / or install new stuff, make sure how they work, restore system, implement positively tested adjustments to the system, save a new image of system] I was again able to set the TTA icon. But this time the APE also borrowed it from TTA, while before the restoration it did not. And I just do not know what I did back then to apparently partially exclude APE from that chain of icons listed in the "Notice"
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