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Yeah, those are pretty much the steps I would have told you to follow, though I don't know if the Hash values under UserChoice actually do anything, though a few programs seem to create them.

Originally Posted by Wineroz View Post
But a question arises: why would Winamp creators choose to chain together so many file formats together? Why FLAC and MP3 got their individual strings, while APE and TTA did not?
That's a good question, maybe those filetypes weren't common until after 2004 or so, when Winamp development seemed to have slowed down dramatically, and they just feel like making keys for new filetypes. Winamp also only creates one key for all playlist types, "Winamp.PlayList" rather than making separate keys for M3U, PLS and so on.

One word of warning, whenever you go into Winamp's Preferences menu and click on File Types it will reset all the extensions you made keys for back to "Winamp.File" unless you change the permissions on the UserChoice key to Set Value - Deny.
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