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Originally Posted by TheGuyinShades View Post
You have to right click on the key and select permissions, then click on the Advanced button and delete the Deny permission entry.
That has worked, thank you

But it worked only in the sense that the blocked entry in Registry was now accessible to my REG file

And also after using my REG hack a loop of glitched "settings" was created:
the Registry was unblocked and I was able to change the icons to the desired ones >>> but at the same time a left double click opened those fileformats in another audio related software >>> associating files with Winamp was blocking them again in the Registry

I went through the entries the Registry deleting the invocations of that other software but somehow it did not help at al. It was only after adding this to the Registry
@="Free Lossless Audio Codec File"



@="\"C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Winamp\\winamp.exe\" \"%1\""


@="&Play in Winamp"

@="\"C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Winamp\\winamp.exe\" \"%1\""


that the situation became normal: i.e. I have my icons and the files open themselves in the Winamp. I modeled those above entries from another Winamp associated audio fileformat for which I successively have changed its icon a long time ago

Although I fear that after once again restoring my operating system from an image and applying to it the now working solution, all of this will once gain somehow break itself. And I base this o the fact that I only had to do that for the APE format, leaving TTA as it was [aside from unblocking it in Registry]. And so I will come back and tell, if everything went well and sustained itself

And on the side note

Is this

thing some kind of ID that will be different on other operating system- like after installation of it from scratch? Or even it will be different on the same machine but with different installation of [in this case] Winamp- like after un-installation and then a re-installation of it? Thus I will have to adjust my REG files after changing computers?
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