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Originally Posted by Wineroz View Post
it worked
the situation became normal

After installing up-to-date Windows 10 from scratch on w new machine I once again had huge and numerous problems with settings the icons right, a those REG hacks once more did not work in their entirety

Long story short: in the end I had to basically revert to usage of free FileTypesMan by NirSoft and do it on a file-by-file basis, double checking each time the results

[And all of that is because Winamp was poorly designed in terms of its Registry entries, with the NCH Switch Sound File Converter Plus being even more messier in this regard; and with newer versions of Switch being even worse - thus creating a fatalistic combo]

But at least I was able to find a new and easy way of breaking off of the file entanglements [which in theory can be used for all kinds of file formats / pieces of software]. The user has to just select a file of the problematic file format and tell it to always open with some other software, preferably the one that is not used by the user for anything [e.g. assign APE to Groove Music] - and then re-assign it back to Winamp. And that is it, as it should work even without a reset of the operating system. And that can be checked with the usage of F2 option within the aforementioned FileTypesMan. all that is left to do then is to set an icon for the now free file format
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