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[And all of that is because Winamp was poorly designed in terms of its Registry entries, with the NCH Switch Sound File Converter Plus being even more messier in this regard; and with newer versions of Switch being even worse - thus creating a fatalistic combo]

But at least I was able to find a new and easy way of breaking off of the file entanglements [which in theory can be used for all kinds of file formats / pieces of software].
But again: beware of NCH Switch Sound File Converter Plus

When re-installing later on this piece of software I ended up with such messed Registry that I had to uninstall Switch in order to be able to play files by double clicking. [And in the end had to restore the operating system from an image]

Switch creates huge mess in Registry. Others users reported this to NCH years ago on their forum - and apparently they only spread and multiplied the problem instead of fixing it
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