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you cannot determine such information when just accessing it as a source connection. all this appears to be is a simple means to see if the DNAS exists and will respond to the source connection.

the rest you've mentioned is only really something you can do local to the install (especially configuration aspects) or requires having admin access (especially for some of the lower level details that can be obtained from the DNAS).

though as this seems to be focused on checking a 1.x connection, most of the decent information can only be obtained from a recent 2.x setup.

as for the configuration editor aspect, there was one and it was a pain to maintain and was too focused on the dropped sc_trans and so the configuration editor has since been dropped in favour of the simpler setup mode (which does just enough to get things going which is what most will need). anything more complex either needs to be handled via a proper editor / control panel or possible done as something within the DNAS's own management (which only does it for debugging options and a few other things for the next release).
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