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Originally Posted by WowMachine View Post

DSP Artwork tab:
One problem I've noticed when using the 'Send in-stream artwork' function on the 'Artwork' tab on the shoutcast source DSP, IF I use the additional 'Send artwork from the playing file (if available)' function, then my stream listeners hear an audible 'hiccup' ...
The attached experimental plugin installs as a Winamp 5 System Component. It hooks the Album Art API and shrinks all of the album art down to the same size as the selected album art file, which is currently not selectable and defaults to an internally stored "Winamp" image, which is 150x150 px. The selected album art file also serves as replacement art where none exists for a track.

Theoretically, it should stop the SHOUTcast stream hiccups with Album Art.


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