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I guess the 'social share' from shoutcast was tied into radionomy's social share, so all the auto tweets I set up on the rmo on shoutcast worked until the beginning of the year. I've been looking through my 'junk' email folder, and I found several from radionomy saying my 'radionomy' account was being suspended and eventually was deleted for never uploading schedules and programming.

When I set up new shoutcast streams and tried to link the 'social share' from them to my twitter account, after approving access to twiiter, I was redirected back to radionomy to 'set up a new station'.

At first, I figure the problem was on shoutcast's end and tried making a couple of posts about it, but didn't hear anything back.... now it seems certain that 'social share' on the rmo on shoutcast IS tied to the radionomy system.

I do have some autotweets set up from lastfm scrobbles using a couple of 3rd party sources, but I'd still prefer to have a tweeting plugin for Winamp itself.

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