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so, my understanding is nullsoft is going to go to WFA 2.0 fairly soon, yes?

if so, it would REALLY be a good idea to FIX some of the serious under the hood issues with WFA, syncing, and so on, so they are forever fixed going forward.

here is what you need to do, imo:

1. you need to change the terminology throughout the winamp desktop app to be CONSISTENT. CD Ripping (which doesn't) and "the droid path" (which does) should BOTH use <albumartist> for "album artist" and <artist> for "track artist" ...any other confusing inconsistentcies should likewise be stamped out.

2. the user can already make adjustments to prefs, etc, for USB transfers. the user can NOT do the same for wifi xfers. why? again, this should be changed, wifi xfer settings should be equally exposed, which leads to:

3. both the USB and the wifi xfer settings should be controlled by the same pref[s]. so what i mean is that it shouldn't matter if the user uses a USB cable or wifi to do things, there should be ONLY one set of prefs to control BOTH types of xfers. otherwise, the USB ones risk being divergent from what the app forces via wifi ones.

so to put it another way, the method of xfer should not matter, the prefs applying to xfers will be universal/global to any type of xfer, and all methods of xfer should be controlled by the one set of prefs for that (i.e. winamp to droid).

4. the defaults are currently terrible for the prefs. they should look something like this, (where G is the Droid):

G:\Music\<Albumartist>\<Album>\## - <Artist> - <Title>

when the music is put on the device in this way, it properly organizes albums, including VA ones, on a droid/WFA.

the current default, for wifi, is close to that. but for USB, it uses track artist! thats just silly. and thats the kind of divergence u get out of the box, as well as a crappy default.

5. in WFA, albums need to show that they are "by" a TPE2 value (album artist) not a TPE1 (track artist) value, which is never correct for VA albums.

6. use TPE2 when TPE2 is present. if TPE2 is blank, then look for TCMP=1 tags, and if present, assume albumartist=VA (common in itunes files); and if not present, use TPE1 to = TPE2. FYI: gracenote commonly assigns an AA value.

7. copy all art files in a given album folder (even for only one xfer'd track) to the phones same album folder.

7a. give me a way to "refresh artwork" on WFA the way i can on the desktop app.

8. i know this is "8" but its a really important one! WFA should respect AA tags, and allow users to switch, on the fly, browsing between a list of artists (track artists) or AAs (album artists). and browsing albums should ALWAYS be done via album artists > albums, OR album artists > year > albums.

thats all i can think of for the moment.

imo, with 5.7 in beta and WFA 2.0 right around the corner, there is no better time than now to fix the issues listed above and have this all straight going forward for the rest of time! these aren't minor issues, a lot of of users have posted about this which means a lot more users are out there just "giving up" on an incredibly messy current implementation.

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