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let me restate some things...

there are now many apps to remote control winamp using a droid. the remote controls exist. and obviously, winamp droid app exists too. so the "ipod" part of it is done and exists.

what does not exist, is the ability of winamp on a computer, to stream its content to a DLNA device, like a PS3 or Xbox 360 or a BluRay player which is also a DLNA player.

if you had a winamp that could do that, you'd have something to rival WMP/itunes/airplay.

i would love to be able to play stuff on my stereo via winamp! not possible in a "makes sense" way now, short of hooking a computer up directly to your AV palace, (which i say really doesn't make sense, at least for most people).

many people would rejoyce! surely there is a hardware manufactuerer out there willing to work with you to do so?

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