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Update in_opus v0.555

Here is again a new update.

This one is quite important as it introduces support for Windows 95.
It also introduces UNICODE support on Win NT/2000/XP/7 and later.
Finally it uses the latest opus 1.3.1 and libopusfile 0.11.

@Vaporeon: Hopefully it should fix the crash you encountered.

I could not test it on Windows 10 but a friend told me it as working on his machine.
However all machines are not equal and I just tested it myself with:
Windows 95/98SE/NT4/2000 (Pentium III),
Windows Server 2003 (Core 2 duo)
and Windows 7 (Xeon)

* NEW:
The font used for "Opus File Info" dialog can now be customized.
I figured his would be helpful with Unicode support.
add in the [IN_OPUS] section of Winamp.ini

TAGS_FONT=11 Times New Roman

To select Times New Roman 11pt font, you can use any font available on yous system.

Finally an option to enable or disable dithering was added. This is because some of you might prefer to disable it for personal preference or because of performance.
I had a 35% faster decoding without dithering.
Set USE_DITHERING=0 to disable or 1 to enable (default).

See changelog in the in_opus.txt file,
and take a look at the configurations options for more details.
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