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Update in_opus v0.911

Here is again a new release with some nice features, namely .ogg file support (hackish), unified dialog info support (Winamp 5.5+) and proper playlist name entry (Winamp 5.x). This release also fixes a serious bug that prevented the plugin function under MediaMonkey. Now the plugin is fully functional with MediaMonkey (including radio), except that MediaMonkey does not retrieve tags information using the winampGetExtendedFileInfo function, newly exported by the plugin.

* FIXED: Now url streams should work with MediaMonkey.

* FIXED: The plugin should be compatible with MediaMonkey again. It will be in my test list from now, even though MediaMonkey 5 will have native opus support.

* NEW: Now the average bitrate can be displayed instead of the instant bitrate, set INSTANT_BR=0 in the [IN_OPUS] section of winamp.ini.

* NEW: An option was added to load files with .ogg extension. The option is not enabled by default because the plugin will have to open all the ogg files to check if they are opus files. Write OGGEXT_HACK=1 in the [IN_OPUS] section of the winamp.ini file if you want to enable it.

Note1: In Winamp 5.x, there will be conflicts with the tags when you mix both king of .ogg files, this will lead to tags being not shown for the second type of file you load in the session. All files will play though.

Note2: This is not an issue on Winamp 2.x.

* NEW: The playlist entry will display proper format under winamp 5.x, because the winampGetExtendedFileInfo function was implemented.

* NEW: Unified dialog on "Alt+3" can be enabled for Winamp 5.5+ now setting the UNIFIED_DIALOG=1 in the [IN_OPUS] section of the winamp.ini file.

PS: To any admin of the forum: How do I get permission to edit my posts?
I would like to put an updated version of the plugin in the first post so that people do not have to scroll down to find the last version. If it is not possible, could you edit the first post to add that last version is found in the last update post...
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