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A lego model of a Ford GT
A large stack of Movies
A lava Lamp
An AudioSlave CD
My Computer With Movies and a Controller on top
A pocketKnife
An Empty cup
More Trash
A bunch of Useless Pens and Pencils in a Cup
More Trash
My Cheap Speakers
A Flashlight
A toothBrush
My 14 inch Moniter
More Trash
My Microsoft Keyboard
Another Flashlight
More trash
Some batteries
A permanent Marker
Ps1 memorycard
Nomad Muvo Mp3 player
A small tub with Various Junk
5 remote controls Tv/fan/Dvd/Ps2/stereo
some headphones
My Wireless mouse
More keys
And Finally! More Trash

Oh! and a Small Pack of Dominoes that I just noticed under the monitor...

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