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so right now the script takes advantage of twitters ability to deny a new tweet if its identical to the last. if you were to include the listener count, you would potentially have a new tweet every time you call the script, since the listener count could be different, thus in turn the tweet would be different from the last because of the listener count.

for those who have the script setup to be called via a cron job or having the page auto refresh in the browser, that could be as often as once a minute, or how often the refresh timeout is set within the script.

if however you have things setup so that your calling the script when the track changes things would be a bit easier.

i currently have a script called 'metapush' which checks the playlist history file thats generated by the source software. it checks once a minute. if theres a new entry at the end of the list, i have it call the twittercast script, send the title updates out to all my streaming servers, update the titles that get displayed on the website, in the mobile apps, within the video stream, etc.

i have re-added the auto refresh into the code on github.
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